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Welcome to Online UK Corals

We are UK Coral Propagators, proudly helping to sustain natural coral reefs by providing our customers with UK Aquacultured Coral. Within our systems we aquaculture a variety of beautiful LPS Corals, SPS Corals & Soft Corals such as Zoas and Clove Polyps.

We also sell Ro/Di water & Pre-Mixed Saltwater which is mixed to order using Red Sea Coral Pro Salt at the correct salinity that you need. For customers in the local Chichester PO18-21 area we deliver for £5.00 but can arrange collection from us in Birdham. Please contact us for more information.

Below is a selection of the various corals & anemones that we grow in our coral house:


Below is a selection of the various live food that we culture:


Below is a selection of the reefing accessories that we offer:


Important information regarding colour morph names: Please note that we do not rename the Zoas & Palys that we sell. We sell them under the same name that we originally aquired them.

We are not in the business of renaming any of our corals to increase hype for a specific colour morph and, we only market them using these names in order to assist those who prefer to browse colour morphs by name.

Although we originally decided to not market different colour morphs using these common names we are constantly asked about them so we have made the decision to advertise our zoanthids & palythoas we the same name that we use to distinguish between our stock. To this end, we do not suggest that any of the common names provided on our site are the actual names that all those in the hobby would agree on. If you believe some of our corals have a more appropriate name then please feel free to let us know as we always strive to help our customers wherever we can.

Please be aware that all corals vary in colour under different lighting and conditions. To help ensure that you know what you will be receiving, all corals advertised are photographed under Orphek OR3 Day Plus & Blue Plus LED lighting.